Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a long distance punch in your arm

So it has been in the 90's in MN for a day or maybe a whole 36 hours. I'm not sure how they're coping ... People up there are perishing right and left. These same people were mad two weeks ago because it was in the 40's and 50's in the month of June.

An Open Letter to Minnesota and her people-

Do not complain about your 90's. The world is beginning to think you just like to gripe no matter what your weather. Don't do that to your great state. If you check around, I am sure you might be able to find an air conditioned building or two in which you can hide from the oppressive heat. Mother Nature might just be smacking you up side the head to try to get you to quit your non-stop weather whining. It seems you'd like to order up a 75 degree day with no humidity and until you can - you're going to moan and groan. The rest of the world is no longer sympathetic. Buck up Minnesota, buck up.

A Concerned Friend

(Noon) Forecasted Temp and Heat Index Port au Prince, Haiti -
Today 96 feels like 110
Tomorrow 94 feels like 107
Friday 98 feels like slow death