Wednesday, June 17, 2009

too tired to type

... just enough energy for one short story.

We have been so busy this week that we have not taken the time (three hours) it takes to get up to the top of Delmas and get groceries. There is no such thing as a "quick errand" or "just running to the store" - everything is a major time investment.

We've been eating whatever we can find, and calling it good. It was like a challenge each time you went to make a meal. It was getting kind of fun. Cream of chicken soup with mustard anyone? How about a just add water pizza crust sans toppings?

This morning we used the last four eggs, the last butter and the last loaf of bread. The cereal was gone days ago. We were going to go up there to shop yesterday but ran out of time.

Today Jeronne waited until both Paige and I were in the kitchen trying to find some suitable lunch - (peanut butter on a spoon) to say this to Paige: "If your parents don't have money for food I have money I can loan them."

That was our cue.

Grocery shopping complete - and cereal for dinner - is now back on the menu!