Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Renald Update

The Medika Mamba Marathon Sponsorships have dropped off a bit.

It is July, I know people are busy enjoying summer - I get it. But- I am asking you to please re-post the information on your blogs, facebook and myspace as well as talking to friends, churches, and groups about this life-changing product. PLEASE consider sponsoring this cause if you have not already done so, we really need and appreciate your help.

You all remember Renald. He came to the Rescue Center on June 3rd. Renald was unable to gain weight up until June 18 because he had so many worms to get rid of and was quite ill. Most of the food he ate the first two weeks came right back out.

Once he improved enough to keep the Mamba down, Renald has been receiving Medika Mamba multiple times a day. June 26 (about 20 days ago) was the offical date that he really started to get a few tablespoons each day. On July 14 he weighed 18 pounds even. (He started at 13 and a half pounds.) He has not yet reached goal weight for his age but his progress is astounding. We think by the end of August he will be to his goal weight and then some.

Before on the left & mid-treatment on the right:
I cannot wait to see his graduation photos, he is already a new kid after less than one month!
Please get involved and help other kids be healed, renewed, restored, and changed!