Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I don't even know what to say...

... except - God is big.

$4,653.41 received in 24 hours.

Match received.

$9,000 for Haiti's beautiful little ones. ($9,153.41)

After the mail is opened in MN at WWV I will give you a new grand total. Look for that on Thursday or Friday.

I am off to run 8 this morning. I am emotional - to say that I am moved, touched, blessed, amazed ... is a giant understatement.


PS- Troy has entered the world of Twitter. Yes, there is a joke there somewhere. He signed up so he can "tweet" the marathon. But he is promising entertaining tweets from around Port au Prince. The feed is on the left side of the blog. (Micro-blogging is "the thing", and Troy is cutting edge.)

Have a great Tuesday.