Thursday, September 03, 2009


If God sends us on strong paths,
we are provided strong shoes."

~Corrie Ten Boom~


Today is the last full day for the Texas group. They are spending it at Real Hope for Haiti. Paige and I are spending our afternoon at Pre-natal program.

This morning I took Lydie for blood-work at a Doctor in our neighborhood. (She is running a fever and we're ruling out Malaria.) As I walked home with her a sweet old Haitian man said, "Be careful white - the sun is very hot." I think he was looking at Lydia's snow-white, almost translucent skin. He was sincerely concerned. :)

The photo above is a "Where's Waldo?" puzzle. Did you find him/her/us?

*Edit to add - Lydie's Malaria test came back positive. Prayers for the Malarone to work fast are appreciated. Poor baby is so feverish. (Thanks Jen for the dosing on Malarone ... oh, and FOR the Malarone too.)