Sunday, November 01, 2009

Spookey Pukey Weekend

The weekend went south on us. Painting did not happen. But puking and pooping did. Lydie put on quite a show Thursday when she barfed on Troy during a meeting he was having. He continued to talk while the people he was meeting with asked "What can we do?!!?" Troy, the experienced father of many said "Nothing, she's not done yet." He continued to talk.

Friday went well with zero pukes. We had our fun day out. All was well on the home-front. Maybe we were dumb to think it would start and stop with one kid. Yes, we were dumb.

Saturday morning we began dropping like flies. Tara, then Jeronne. At 6pm Noah got the distance award when his rice and beans traveled no less than six feet from his mouth.

Not to be deterred, he showered off, brushed the remnants from his teeth, and headed over to the Halloween Bash 2009 that Vivien threw. She planned and organized games, spooky foods, and scary decorations. There are a couple of things we kind of bomb out on living down here ... Halloween being one of them. Vivien came through big time and made it a fun night for all of the kids. Even the puker enjoyed a shortened time at the party.

In the night Phoebe 'tossed her cookies' and Tara took multiple trips to the bathroom. Sunrise Sunday came without much improvement for Noah, Tara, Jeronne and Phoebe. Troy woke up with almost no voice and a rumble in the bronx (his tummy). He had to lead worship at church - forced to rally.

At last count Phoebe is up to three pukes. Tara is still sick. Jeronne is still sick. Noah seems better. Troy and Paige seem like they are undecided. The clock ticks down to the next victim. My money is on Isaac. Hope and Annie seem poised to miss this round of illness, but we shall just see about that. Phoebe tonight, asleep in our room...on the floor. Peanut must have taught her that the tile is cooler.