Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tuesday in Texas & Tabarre

I don't have more than a few minutes before we lose power for the night. Here are a few photos from today. In Texas, Troy took some kids over to Baylor for "Dr. Pepper Hour" - not sure why Phoebe did not make the photo, but I could take some pretty good guesses. :) They probably have to something do with inhaling a Dr Pepper float and not being willing to stop and pose.

Below, photos of Rony and I and of two other patients, Dina and Lisa. They are spunky little girls, fun to chit chat with and learn from. While discussing marriage and looking at photos, they told me today that white people should not marry Haitians. They would not explain further, just that it is "pa bon". I pushed hard to get to the root of that belief, but they gave me nothing. Made me laugh hearing thoughts on inter-racial marriage from seven and nine year old girls. P.S. If you're not reading John and Beth's blog, check it out at www.heartlineministries.org - click blog tab at top.

PPS - Late exciting report of praise and thanks - we think we have an MAF flight to Jeremie with Miss Margaret. This will allow her to die where she wishes to die. Please keep her in your prayers. I am hoping to fly with them in the morning.