Friday, April 09, 2010

Collette and Ester

Today was full of amazing things. One, however, stands out as by far the most amazing.
I was able to meet with Collette again and finally meet baby Ester. If you aren't already familiar with their story you can read about it here and here. Hers is by far the most powerful, moving, and personally touching story that I experienced in all the recent events.
We met again in her parent's home in Petit Goave. It was so good to see her and hold Ester and reflect on the amazing miracles that happened in their lives. We visited for a while and then learned that she had planned on returning to Port to visit family, and she needed a ride. I was happy to have the extra time with them while we drove back and talked about everything that had transpired - from an inner city slum laying under a sheet seven months pregnant with a broken pelvis and femur, to the Heartline Clinic, to the Comfort Ship where she miraculously delivered her baby (the first one born on the ship), back to Heartline, and now nearly fully recovered - walking again and traveling around visiting family. Amazing is not a big enough word.
I looked over at the two of them at least a hundred times during the drive just to make sure they were really there...the whole thing just seems so surreal and wonderful.

Her reunion with Dr. Jen, John and Beth, and all of the other staff and patients at the hospital was beautiful.
Tonight I am thankful for Collette, Ester, and the miracles that God is still doing.