Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Update from PAP

It is SO GOOD to be back in Haiti. The rain has ceased for tonight. The plans are in place for tomorrow - I am blessed to be able to take two patients from the Heartline hospital to have their prosthetic legs fitted and attached by Handicap International tomorrow morning. If all goes well I may also get to head out to the World Wide Village hospital site at near the epicenter in Leogane...if all goes REALLY well I am hoping to check in on our friends and pastors at Ebenezer in Petit Goave and hope to see Collette and baby Ester. If it doesn't work out I may try again on Friday.

I flew in next to a priest from Boston so I was able to brush up on my translating skills for my reunion with the McHouls.

There are too many highlights to list from the afternoon and evening, but here are a few:

- Jeronne and Tipap and Jenny are happy and doing well and we had a great time catching up.
- Dr. Jen, Barbie, Beth and crew continue to do an amazing job caring for and loving on the patients here.
- Things might be coming together to get Amanda to the US for her medical treatment.
- Peanut the mastiff is still a total lard and smelly, but very happy to see me.
- Enjoyed a great meal with the current Heartline team.
- Got to meet Rosemon - who will only refer to me as "Monsieur Tara". :)
- Got to tell Tara about my new title.

- John still has not cut his hair.

I already wish I could stay longer this time around.