Thursday, August 12, 2010


John's nest of hair is 25% more in danger this morning. We have approximately 90 days to raise the remaining $ and free him from that rug.

If torturing John does not motivate you to get involved, we are hoping that the vision of building a small 20 bed hospital WILL motivate you.  

Prior to the earthquake Heartline was operating a pre-natal program and delivering the babies of the women in our program. Since the earthquake Heartline has determined that once they have delivered these women need more support. Sending them "home" to a tent with a one day old baby is not sufficiently caring for them and often leads to infections and complications.  The goal will be to keep each woman for 7 days to help establish nursing, build relationship, and to watch for infection.  Unfortunately in the conditions these women live, infection and complications are probable.

The hospital will serve our moms and will also be open to dealing with other non-pregnancy-related illness and disease.  We are excited that the first funds raised for this project will be the encouragement and sign that this is the right thing to pursue. 

It is likely that you've read the statistics and you know that prior to the Earthquake Haiti had one doctor per 10,000 people. Finding quality, loving care in Haiti was and is incredibly difficult.  The care available is often  a far cry from what any of us can even imagine.

Beth McHoul tells of multiple situations of neglect and poor quality of care as she has been forced to transport patients to area hospitals when they've needed a C-section.

Our hospital will be clean.  The staff will be well trained.  The care will be top notch. The respect shown to the patients will be exemplary.  The love of Christ will shine to each and every patient.

Help us begin the exciting journey to build a small hospital ... and help us reach the equally exciting goal of seeing John bald.

Please give today. $5, $50, and $500 gifts welcomed!