Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Facebook Status from this morning: 
I saw Enisse on my run this morning ... my heart leapt to see her and squeeze her. I am surprised at how much it hurts that she chose to leave. Need to find a balance in all these complicated relationships. Need Heaven.
11 hours ago ·
Enisse yelled to us as we ran by this morning or we would not have seen her. Later in the day Enisse came to Early Childhood Development.  Sophia looked good.  Enisse seemed a little sad. We talked to her for a few minutes.  Troy was able to remind her that we love her but we know she has choices and we respect her right to choose to leave Harbor House.  He told her we've really missed her and that we won't stop praying for her or Sophia.
We would love to ask her to come back. Truthfully, she was the youngest in the house and special to us both and we need to force ourselves not to beg her to come back because we would rather she have a chance to see and learn how getting angry and storming out did not actually hurt anyone that she was angry with .... It only hurt her and her precious little girl.  
Coming to live where there are rules and structure is not an easy thing for someone who has never had that. We are trying so hard to live with open hands and trust that we cannot see the whole picture nor will it ever be simple or easy trying to mentor and parent and love these young women.  
Maybe she will eventually come back, or maybe we'll have to fully believe (not just with our words but with our lives) that God is bigger than an individual situation and that ultimately He holds Enisse and Sophia in His hands.  
Our responsibility is to remain available and sensitive to His leading.  A difficult assignment for certain.
Need Heaven.