Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Life ...

While we were double dating last night, Beth and Jonna were welcoming Chrismene's baby into the world. We got a text at dinner from Beth telling us of this happy news!
(Red text edit to add Wednesday morning)
In other news:
  • Because of preeclampsia Joanne J. had to have an emergency c-section over the weekend.  She is 18 and will be living at Harbor House for a few weeks while nursing is established. She then plans to move to Jacmel to be near her mom. Please be praying for her and her new baby boy.(Found out today he is named - Ricardo)
  • Djenie and Kenny are living in Cite Soleil and doing okay there. We've seen them a few times.
  • Joanne O., another teenage mom that gave birth about ten days ago, is at the Medishare hospital with her son. He became ill over the weekend. His name is Joseph if you want to pray for them.
  • Enisse and Sophia are doing okay too. They have been coming to see us on Tuesdays for ECD Class and have also come to church with us a couple of times.
  • Dalonne and Job are back in Port au Prince. We hope to see them today and confirm that he continues to gain weight. (Job is hospitalized again - this time at Medishare.)
  • The Harbor House is a very calm place right now. The personalities in the house work well together and everyone is getting along beautifully. We're still searching for the perfect older Haitian house mom. If you think you know of someone please write us! (We think we hired someone! More soon.)
(Photos courtesy of Jonna Howard)