Monday, September 19, 2011


Besides the birth we also managed a weekend-long celebration of our 10 year old.  My sister says Isaac looks like 'Donkey' in Shrek when he smiles this big. She only says that because it is true. :)

It looked like this:
Saturday - to the fancy people hotel for swimming and lounging and food and fun. (We're not certain the other more fancy guests appreciated our truck loads of kids or their volume - but we had a nice time.)
Sunday - to Beth and John's house at noon for delicious Beth food and much dessert and celebrating.

In between the two parties Mirlande's baby (now named Eli) was born.  Thankfully the time she chose to give birth didn't interfere at all with the partying, which was super considerate of her. Beth went home a couple of times during the labor to work her magic in the kitchen and voila! a party happened Sunday.  Troy and I are so grateful for the selfless effort Beth puts forth to make things feel festive and special for all of us on birthdays and holidays. 

Candles optional.

Beth's birthday is this week and none of us can begin to compete with her amazing skills of feeding large masses of people - so we're taking her out to eat instead.

Thanks for responding to the prayer requests for our ladies that are almost due (or overdue) ... we'll keep you posted as more babies are born.  Troy brought Mirlande and Eli home today and is going to try to write about that and the interesting insights Mirlande shared with him sometime soon.