Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Mirlande is due, she needed to come today for a check-up.

weighing babies in

Day old baby girl has been named Gabriella
Lydia pretending she will distribute lunch

Francette & her son

Heather asking breastfeeding questions of Sheila & Gabriella

Leoni & Judler

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This morning Troy declared "everyday is a logistical nightmare".  I agree wholeheartedly.  

It feels as though everything requires about four times as much effort and communication. Accomplishing simple tasks, such as dropping your children to school, can often require multiple phone calls and alternative plans. If you keep your vehicle operational you've won the first major battle ... But finding diesel and smooth or simply passable roads - is another story entirely. 

The war over the horrible road in our area called Clercine wages on ... You never know if you'll be able to leave by car or not. One minute it is blocked, the next it is open. Blocked. Open. Blocked. Today all the ladies that came to program were congratulated for fighting to get to class. The thick mud is slippery and the water deep and disgusting.  Still most of the ladies made it today. These women are strong and they do not give up easily. We watch them and learn.