Wednesday, September 21, 2011

preparing heart and home

In about a week and a half Moses will move on to the next chapter of his journey.

We're all over the place with his impending departure. We are sad and happy, worried and hopeful, scared and excited, filled with dread and filled with relief.

Our complex human hearts can hold all of those emotions at once, or so it seems.

We are working on writing up everything there is to know about Moses and everything we can tell you about the ambiguous adoption process in Haiti and the program that will eventually be matching him to a mommy and a daddy.

While we work on getting that information together will you all pray that God does a mighty work in the hearts of Moses' future parents and that He begins even now to prepare them for the arduous journey ahead?  We know they are out there and we want to hold them in our prayers.

We continue to see Moses make great strides and much visible improvement.  We're thankful to Jesus for those answered prayers and fully expect that his growth and healing is only just beginning.  

When we think of the least of these ... When we think of Moses ...

We pray and ask for hope, we pray and ask for peace, we pray and ask for justice, we pray and ask for Jesus and we cry out ...  "Your Kingdom here and now. To the least of these. Let Your Kingdom come." 

amen amen amen amen