Thursday, November 10, 2011

one of us has something to say

I don't have anything much to say right now - but Troy does.

The other night Troy channeled his inner Adam Sandler in order to mock Paige and I for our current ridiculous behaviors.

I printed Paige's practice SAT and cried. (He mocks.)  I talk about Paige leaving for college; I cry. (He mocks.)  Paige talks about leaving; she cries. (He mocks.) Paige whines about "how annoying these applications are" for the college course she will take on-line next semester. (He mocks.)  When Britt was preparing to leave for college in 2007 I cried for a year. (He mocked.)

(As an aside:  He cries later ... and when he cries I am already done crying.)

Thankfully teasing/mocking is a love language at our house and we believe in that so much that our family motto is "We tease because we love".
Evidence here: