Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Paige's news (with her photos)

"So far my summer in California has been wonderful! Although I've been missing home a bit here and there, the Sarahs are fabulous and have been making me feel so at home in California. I've also been keeping very busy! I've been working with Kim and the horses at the ranch, which has been wonderful. She is a great person. I've been eating lots and lots of delicious berries and other America foods. I attended a Portland vs. LA soccer game. I've learned what "geocaching" is, and participated too! I've borrowed many books from the library. I've been using the fast internet and learning about Netflix. I've gone to the beach. I've been working at the farmers market and babysitting. I went to visit a cool ministry called, "Homeboy" and made some homeboy friends. That's what I have been up to during week one of my time here; the time is going so fast! I'm loving California" -Paige

Paige is staying with the two Sarahs and being allowed great opportunities working with Kim. Tomorrow they are going down to San Juan Capistrano to meet with the therapy director at another therapeutic riding center and observe a couple of sessions. It is a very large and reputable center that works primarily with clients with physical disabilities. Kim also applied for and received a scholarship for Paige to attend a professional conference in Nevada this weekend (road trip!) and wanted Paige to be able to see some of the different techniques prior to the conference so she has a better frame of reference for what will be discussed at the conference. Paige will get to see Kim looking at a horse she is considering for her program while they are in San Juan tomorrow morning; she'll see how they assess horses to determine if they will be a good fit for a therapy program.  

We recognize what an awesome gift all of this is to Paige. Not many 17 year olds get to have such an intimate and well-rounded look into the career path they are considering  -  we're grateful! 

a few of Paige's photos from early June:

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