Saturday, September 15, 2012


Henri Nouwen wrote: "fundraising is first of all, a form of ministry. It is a way of announcing your vision, and inviting other people into your vision with the resources that are available to them."

Seven years ago next month with turning and nervous stomachs, we sent out our very first fundraising letter.

Have we been able to approach fundraising with the attitude of Henri?  Uh.
<Ahem>  no. not always so much. 

Thankfully even though at times we've been too prideful or too afraid, good folks have joined the vision and for seven years have been a major part of this crazy-town-adventure to love, serve, and learn in Haiti. We have no idea what compels friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers to help us live and work here -- it must be Christ in you - but we do know that you're loving, generous, kind, and magnificent people - and we're grateful beyond description to have you walking this road with us.

It matters and we're touched.

In a month where
  • Ed'H (an ambiguous and somewhat intimidating utility provider) bills us an insanely huge amount
  • the rent goes up again and we need to pay most of the year all at once 
  • the old vehicles act like old vehicles - and require repairs weekly
  • the children need curriculum and school basics
  • the trucks (the ones in the shop) need required by law "insurance" stickers (insurance is a loosely defined word)
  • the tropical storm knocks out power meaning much more diesel burned 
... Well, in that kind of a month - we admit we are stressed - but more than that, we are so grateful that you see fit to help us be here and you generously give and you pray. Thank you for that.

We know sacrifices are made in order for you to send a check to Heartline marked "Livesay Family".  We don't underestimate or discount the tangible ways you literally make this possible for us.

We have seriously appreciated your ability to hear from us and accept us during high points and low points on the journey. We've found this to be a safe place to share a lot of joy and a lot of sorrow without too much measuring or weighing our words. We're humbled and grateful for that.

Thank you for being with us on this joy and sorrow-filled, beautiful and chaotic journey of learning and love. Please continue walking with us - because

Thought provoking excerpt (that resonates) from THIS full article... by DL Mayfield

I am the mission, here. 
I am the one who is in need, who is eager to learn about Jesus from the lives of people who are different from me. I need to experience the miracles that come when you live and work with the poor and the powerless, when you get to see Jesus in all his power, when you are stripped of your own safety nets. I want to see the kingdom of God made manifest, to see it where Jesus promised it would be: in the margins of society, on the fringes of religion. I want real life, I want to drink it full, and I don’t want the watered-down happy and dull life that has been promised to me, both by the church and my culture at large. I want to understand the worst parts of the world so that I might marvel even more at the good. 

You can go here to read her entire post.