Friday, November 30, 2012

Emancipation Day

Senior photo of the Birthday Girl

(a year old video - Troy making up a song about Paige leaving us - aaaaaand -this just got real!)

Happy 18th Birthday Paige! 

Welcome to adulthood. 

From here on out you will join the majority of people that walk around wishing they could go back to a time when other people (ahem: parents!) made decisions for them.

Paige, we love you so much. We're amazed at your good attitude and zeal for life. This last year you've taught us all about perseverance in the face of lots of challenge.  

The things you've done in your short 18 years have touched us and many others in ways we cannot easily express. We are so anxious/excited with you to find out what the next chapter will bring.  

No matter which school you end up at, we know you'll bring a ton of joy, a little bit of sass, a little bit of Haiti, and a lot of passion and love with you.  There is no doubt in our minds that you'll take on the next big steps with the inspirational moxie that you daily exhibit. 

We're behind you, we're watching, we're cheering, we're praying and we've all got your back. 

Kenbe fo.
all of us  

(a very old post written about Paige and her birth here)