Friday, December 28, 2012

late december review for posterity's sake

We went hiking in the beautiful mountains of this beautiful land with beautiful friends.
Hope's birthday date with Mom and Dad - Left photo before trying sushi, right photo after learning what was in the sushi.
The pizza and fries we got because sushi was not an 11-year-old crowd pleaser ... 
Sushi followed by (free) ice-cream (from sushi people) followed by french-fries and pizza.  Not recommended. Not classy.  Best part: Japanese restaurant patrons singing Happy Birthday to Hope in a restaurant in Port au Prince. #lovethat
Birthday cake a couple days later...

Christmas Eve ...
Lots of singing and reciting. Noah, Isaac and Hope recited a long poem from memory. When an adult man stood to read scripture Noah leaned over and said "Why does that guy use the words?" Lydia got bored and impatient for the candle light part of the service and said "I am tired and I would like to sleep but people keep on singing." Best part: Amazingly talented Haitian guy singing an Italian opera song at the English-language Christmas Eve service in Haiti.  #lovethat

Kid quotes from late December:
  • ‎"You know what Mom? When it's scary, I just ask God to put the light on. That's all I do."  - Lydia 
  • Noah walks over to hug me - "You're my favorite"  - I whisper in his ear with a hint of teasing humor.   "Uh - white son - you mean, - right?" he replied, with one eye-brow raised. Fine. Yes. My favorite white son.

Paige hosting sleep overs in her room frequently
  • The five youngest kids went to Beth and John's to decorate their house for Christmas and have pizza with them.  Everyone was very excited about this night - a time where they were invited but Mom and Dad were not.  They decorated and ate and had much fun.  When they got home Isaac and Noah reported that Lydia and Phoebe were mooches and asked for Beth to give them decorations.  Noah worried out loud about "Beth having to pay for our meal!" Hope reported that Beth listened to my pleas about sugar and "only gave us a baby amount of pop". The next morning Lydia came to ask if she could "take this ball in the bathtub"?  The ball was something she lifted from Beth's without permission ...Happened to be a 1979 Christmas ornament that belongs to the McHouls first-born. 
  • Had to have a talk about what qualifies as a bathtub toy and what qualifies as stealing.

  • As we worked together to make a cake, Lydia said: "God made us for that we could make birthday cake for that He would't have to make cake. That is one reason He made us -maybe."
Baking in our undies, it's how we do.
(God hates baking!)
  • Noah kept us entertained with multiple Christmas carols and phrases in burp format while we inched our way through insane traffic on the way home Christmas Eve 

As we wrap up this year we're a little bit dumb-founded at how much went on in one short twelve month period. Looking back at the photos from early in the year feels like looking at ancient history. One of the most challenging parts of the year was figuring out some health-concerns with two of our girls. The best part of the year was seeing how often God shows up and gives supernatural strength and provision to press on in challenging times. 

2012 is free to exit the scene; bon voyage.

What was the best part of your 2012?  The worst?