Tuesday, December 11, 2012

photos and a few words

The day the kids all wore their Baylor shirts. Sic em!

The day last week where we called for a field trip and took our friends to the beach. The boys dedicated some of the time to being odd.  Troy photographed it.

 This is the same beach day with the crouching tigers; the adults just stood on the ground.

The day a couple weeks ago where a large man stood on the bumper while others tried to push the truck out of the rocks, his contribution wasn't all that helpful. Since this time a large earth crushing machine finally came and made this road passable (yet still lacking) for the first time in months. Happy!

The day where our godson Grady and Lydia took dozens of photos of themselves. They disagreed with one another on every topic.  Even "It's hot" couldn't be agreed upon.  If Grady said "It's hot", Lydia said, "Not REALLY hot though."  They act married so we're planning that for them.

There was a day this past weekend where for no apparent reason I cried about sixteen times. Noah brought in some mistletoe to make the season bright and try to cheer up his insanely emotional mother. It worked.  Larger mistletoe equals longer kiss equals more joy.

There was a day we went to see parts of Haiti that I'd never seen before. Obligatory road-side photo with Noah.

There are days where Paige oversees Lydia working with giant horses and she's so good at it that I feel a lot of motherly pride watching it.  This was last Friday. Paige was meant for this.

On occasion there are days when evil small voices whisper "Your children will grow up to be bitter about the things they missed" ... On those days the voices are told to shut-it and a reactionary event is planned. This weekend the reactionary event was making sugar cookies and creating a Christmastime environment (while dripping sweat).  If the kids grow up bitter this post will be pulled up for them to see.  "RIGHT HERE is the proof that you never missed out on Christmas cookies. See that?" All kids, from all places -  have equal rights to bitterness when they are grown.  The only difference here is that my children will be forced to look upon this-proof of how happy they once were.  :)

the sad moment when Isaac realized the word Christmas wasn't going to fit across that cookie 

Noah was not into the cookie-making at all.
He handled the dancing.

~     ~     ~     ~

In Heartline BABY News:

17 year old Fabienne delivered a 4 lb 13 ounce baby girl at a local hospital due to pre-eclampsia, she has been recovering in Heartline's postpartum area for a couple of days. We're praying for bonding and successful breast-feeding.
Fabienne and daughter 
Quindra delivered this big baby boy, named Kensley, this morning around 7:30am.

Two more babies still due in December, both to first-time teen moms.  Prayers for safe deliveries to wrap up this year are appreciated!