Monday, April 22, 2013

doubly inspiring

You may recall a post late last year about a beautiful woman named Jimema.  During an ultrasound Melissa (a midwife) told her she was carrying twins.  She sighed, smiled, shook her head and said "Oh Lord, I have twins at home too!"  Jimema has only partial use of one of her hands and has already found a hundred ways to forge ahead and overcome challenges. From the very beginning she seemed prepared to take on this challenge too. Her peace and joy have been contagious. While my tendency would be to be very overwhelmed and nervous about twins, (a second set no less) Jimema seemed confident and unstressed.

At 36 weeks Jimema's twins needed to be born due to her rising blood pressure, but they missed the "turn head down" memorandum we sent them.  Instead, a local partner hospital took them for a C-Section.

Now more than a week old, they have spent a week at Heartline's postpartum room getting acquainted and establishing solid milk supply and nursing techniques.  Jimema will head home either today or tomorrow with her new baby girls.  Please pray for this wonderful family as they adjust to the two newest family members.

This sideways video is from this weekend, thanks to midwife Rebecca for catching this tender moment.