Monday, August 19, 2013

when did america turn into space?

Troy helping me with the space pop machine

It might be true that I had other stress going and it might be true that I am having a hormonal "situation". It might be true that I need a counselor or something.  But, it is also true that this ^ space-age soda-pop machine made me tear up over the weekend.  Can't a girl just go push her cup against the little lever of the kind of pop she wants in the same old regular fashion that she has always done it?  

No. No.  She can't.  She has to make six separate decisions to get one glass of pop.

In other America news filed under "What Tha??"...
On a quick trip to search for math books, I was found, totally disoriented, mouth agape, staring at this piece of "art". The first verse from Proverbs is translated this way: "Unending riches honor and success are mine to give..." from there it got a tiny bit better. It's not a translation I'm familiar with, we decided it must be the brand new TJUV (totally jacked up version).  Also, as my brother-in-law pointed out, if Mary and Joseph didn't have the unending riches and success to get some orthodontia for that underbite Je$u$* is sporting, at least we know that we are not the only ones doing it wrong.

If you can explain either of these 'Merica weekend discoveries to me, I beg of you, please do.

*(Thank you Corrigan Clay for the  Je$u$ comment that led to Dr.Pepper (from that space age machine!) coming out of our noses.)