Tuesday, September 24, 2013

orphan prevention is orphan care

If you are passionate about caring for orphans, we invite you to join in the important and rewarding work of preventing orphans in Haiti.

  • Support Heartline Ministries as we offer friendship, education, and respectful and loving prenatal care all throughout pregnancy. Prenatal care improves outcomes.
  • Support Heartline Ministries as we offer a safe, loving, calm, and clean environment for labor & delivery. Skilled birth-attendants (midwives/nurses) improve outcomes.
  • Support Heartline Ministries as we offer postpartum care and emotional support after delivery. Trained health-care workers can identify risks after birth and help drastically reduce maternal mortality in the most dangerous postpartum time period.
  • Support Heartline Ministries as we encourage and support mothers as they bond during the crucial first six months of their babies lives. Encouragement and postpartum care during this difficult transition time reduces the infant mortality rate.
  • Support Heartline Ministries as we offer family planning and education. Women that are offered education and given a chance to space their children live longer healthier lives.
  • Support Heartline Ministries as we offer women the love and respect and care they deserve.
2012 Statistics and year end report can be found here. To date we report a 0% maternal mortality rate. Orphan prevention is working!

We remain amazed and aware of how privileged we are to be allowed to participate in this work. It is not easy, in fact, it is painful, exhausting, and messy at times; in the sorrow and in the struggle we so often see His glory, provision, and miraculous love. We thank you for helping us stand close to these women as they sort out the tremendous mysteries of life and the incredible miracles of motherhood. 

Heartline Ministries Maternity Center Staff
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Heartline Ministries is a 501(c)(3) organization           
Mailing address for donations:
PO Box 898
Sunnyside WA  98944 

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