Tuesday, February 25, 2014

do it afraid do it afraid do it afraid

If you read THIS STORY more than two years ago, you will want to celebrate today that Moses is on an airplane headed for Wyoming.  He sets the orphan free!   That post was one of the most shared posts ever - so grateful to you all. Most grateful to God for showing us all how valuable Moses is to Him.

This family is an example of courage and love to us all. It is not that they aren't afraid, it is that they showed up anyway.

With his Mom and Dad Sunday ...

With some awesome ladies (taken yesterday) that prayed daily for him at Heartline ...

L to R - Gran Rosemond, Andrema, Moses, Clermita, Lisa Rieb
On an airplane today ... 

AND ...

A series (explanation here) on my friend, Glennon's blog - proving that all of us have fear and insecurity in our lives.  As G. said,
Here is the thing that the two groups have in common:  NO ONE REALLY KNOWS WHAT SHE’S DOING. None of the people in either of the two groups. The people who are running the world and the people who are sitting life out are exactly the same. They are all messy, complicated, confused people who are unsure of what to do next. They all have messy relationships and insecurities and anger and blind spots. They are ALL AFRAID.
Here is the difference between the two groups: The Dream Followers and Servers believe that it’s okay to be messy and complicated and afraid and show up anyway. The second group believes that folks who show up have to be fabulous and perfect. So they’re waiting to get perfect. They are spending their lives IMPROVING instead of just showing up as they are. They are waiting till they’re “ready.” And the thing is that they will be waiting forever and ever, amen. Because all the good and all the beautiful in the world is created by people who show up before they’re ready.

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