Thursday, September 24, 2015

looking back and remembering

Last week Dr. Chris Sizemore came to spend a week in Haiti.  We all think he is the bomb because like Dr. Jen, he doesn't lord his Doctorness over us.  He came to work with us and hang out and teach us a bit. It was a blast.

In 2010 after the earthquake, this young woman showed up with a placenta abruption.  Chris was here working with Heartline doing earthquake relief medical stuff --- and it just so happens that Chris is pretty dang good at a C-Section.  Without much set-up or prep and certainly without a sterile OR, Chris was able to deliver the baby in under four minutes.  He then handed the floppy little guy over to Dr. Jen who did the PPV and got him breathing.   

(We won't discuss the mind-bender of a fact that while thousands died because of the earthquake, this young mom likely lived because of the earthquake.)

Midwives love telling stories. This story is one we tell often.  Since 2010 this Mom also had a VBAC with us at the Maternity Center.

While Chris was here last week we had a birth.  The birth was normal and without drama but it was messier than some and there was a lot of clean up to do.  Chris put on gloves and helped clean blood and amniotic fluid off the floor.  

From now on, I think this is how women should interview and choose their OB doc ... "Will you help midwives clean blood up?"   

If yes, HIRED!  

First male (besides Troy or the Dad of the baby) that was EVER allowed at a birth. 
Thank-you, Sizemore!