Tuesday, December 10, 2013

more incarnation thoughts

If the incarnation teaches us anything, it’s that God can be found everywhere: in a cattle trough, on a throne, among the poor, with the sick, on a donkey, in a fishing boat, with the junkie, with the prostitute, with the hypocrite, with the forgotten, in places of power, in places of oppression, in poverty, in wealth, where God’s name is known, where it is unknown, with our friends, with our enemies, in our convictions, in our doubts, in life, in death, at the table, on the cross, and in every kindergarten classroom from Sandy Hook to Shanghai. -Rachel Held Evans 

Photo: Heartline Maternity Center, Port-au-Prince, Haiti ~ December 2013
More information and an opportunity to give can be found here.


Saintly Nurse said...

I just love your mother/baby pics. This skin-to-skin pic is extraordinarily beautiful. Thanks for posting it.

Dawn said...

My goodness what a lovely picture...

My first thought when seeing it, was of Mary and baby Jesus.

There is just such beauty captured in it.