Wednesday, November 26, 2014

on writing and a podcast

I enjoy writing, it is my second favorite hobby.  I like telling stories and processing the things of life in writing. 

Over the past year or two it has become more difficult to write about Haiti and the people we live and work with here.  I could tell a new, interesting, inspiring, sad, difficult, or triumphant story every single day  -  but I find myself chickening out for fear of disrespecting someone's story.

I've shared before that Haiti is mysterious. Things are rarely as they first appear.  It is said you should believe nothing that you hear and only half of what you see.  Stories evolve, truth is revealed slowly as relationships and trust are built.

Understanding a culture takes many years, even decades. I don't understand very much.

Last week was a rough week at the Maternity Center.  There are four or five individual situations that came up.  I also hesitate to write too much when things feel rough or overwhelming because I don't want to sound like I am complaining. It is not my life that is hard, it is the lives of the women we work with - and that I want to vent on their behalf and honor their struggle and strength.

I haven't done this for quite a few years, but am willing to try it again. If there are questions you have wondered about, feel free to leave in comment section or email us. We can write responses as time allows. We are happy to write about adoption, large family stuff, Haiti stuff, Heartline Ministries stuff, Maternal Healthcare in Haiti, culture, living cross-culturally  ... The only off limits topics are theology and politics because that's stuff that is pointless to talk about unless you are in a relationship with someone and can talk to each other with kindness and mutual respect.  If there are no questions at all, that is cool too.

~      ~      ~

When I was in Texas I was a guest on my pal Jamie Ivey's podcast.  We talked a bit about Short Term Missions, Parenting, Haiti and a few other topics.  If you want to listen, you can find Jamie's Podcast called Happy Hour, HERE.  I rarely finish talking after any recording or speech opportunity without feeling like, "darn, I wish I wouldn't have said it that way" - but for once I think I actually agree with myself.  

(Random) photos from the last week ... 

Beth and KJ in the kitchen - that is tons of lard (french butter) that went into dozens of pie crusts for Thursday
also, look at that top-knot -- a thing of wonder!

Hope's artwork, love her creations and thought this was something we all need.

Ketia, Lisena, Lamercie, Brunette, Tara, Christella
(a group of six month old fat babies, graduating from class)

This amazes me. I don't know much about it.
Clearing land on Route Nationale 3 for this.
Dear God, please, no. 

Sunday trip to see Jen and visit patients at hospital -
Looking down the mountain on a windy afternoon

Dokte Jennifer and Noah visiting at the Hospital she is working at this month.
(Zanmi Lasante)

On the way home when I asked. "Want to stop to watch the sunset, buddy?" Noah said, "Uh, okay, but I heard staring at the sun would make you go blind."  We worked it out. Saw it set, Not blind. 

Girls looking down at Port au Prince on Monday
our sleepiest child
Graham son - because I must

Wini and Glenda bringing Rebecca and son home on Tuesday 

We celebrate Thanksgiving in Haiti.  Tomorrow we will gather to give thanks and eat turkey. The Americans (and even many Canadians and Haitians too) all eat at Beth and John's table.  Beth makes insane amounts of food for large crowds and I never understand any of it - it is magical. I just know that tomorrow I will be thankful for many things, just as I am today. Counted among those things is you, the friends and strangers that pray for and share your gifts with Haiti, Heartline, and us.