Monday, December 08, 2014

Christmas Extravaganza Situation Update

Above you will find the 2013 production.  
(The year Jesus kicks Santa's #$& at everything.) 

We are running into some logistical issues this year. Due to said issues we find ourselves a bit behind schedule.  

As it turns out, teens and pre-teens are not nearly as cooperative as one might like them to be.  (Troy is one, I am another one.)  

When asked if we need to retire the tradition, they all said, "Noooooo! We want to do it again!"  A week later when we started filling them in our ideas for this year, something went terribly wrong and all of a sudden some of them (not Isaac) were too cool for Christmas Extravaganza Number 8.   

We called off production and let pre-teens sulk for the afternoon yesterday. This morning I have been informed that they still want to do it.  

I won't lie, I am skeptical. 

One year (2010) Paige was an angel of the Lord against her will, and let me just say, a bad-attitude angel does not fly. (pun intended) 

We are still hoping to produce the 8th Annual Christmas Extravaganza and have it to you by mid December.  Time will tell if our hopes will become reality.

Little kids are way easier than big kids.  Let that be known. When you are cranking out kids one after the other, it would help to know this. Now you know. You're welcome.

Until the 2014 offering is finished, you will find us buying time with years 1 to 7 here on the blog.