Thursday, June 09, 2016

Moving Up (stairs to a new classroom!)

Late October of 2015 @momastery and her amazing readers were kind and generous and showed up in a beautiful and tangible way for pregnant women and new mommas in Port au Prince, Haiti.

They (Glennon and her readers and the non-profit Together Rising) held a 24 hour "love flash mob" and raised money to build a brand new second floor onto our current Maternity Center. This large second floor classroom will allow us the needed space to serve more women at one time. 

We are waiting on electricity and fans and a few other comforts that will soon be installed upstairs but we were (are) too excited to wait any longer so we are holding our first ever Thursday Prenatal Class upstairs today! 

The next phase of the project is to make the prior (downstairs) classroom into the new Post Partum Recovery area. It will be far brighter, cooler, and more comfortable. We are excited to move out of the very small post-partum room we had.  That room will now become a consultation room for Prenatal care, etc. 

We are so thrilled to be making the most of our beautiful little house.


Beautiful, clean, spaces help us communicate how.incredibly.worthy every woman is. We want to provide for them, a kind, loving, excellent experience where they will feel respected while they receive high quality care in a peaceful environment!  

#lovewins HURRAH!