Friday, August 19, 2016

Is there anyone here anymore?

Our August 2016 Tribe (and growing)

There is a deafening echo as I type, I am thinking maybe this is a completely empty Internet space. Perhaps everyone has moved on to SnapChat.  (I have no idea how it works and I rebuke it.)

Assuming four or five people might read this, (Hi MOM!) we are back in Port au Prince after an intense and busy six weeks in the USA.  The two weddings (our niece Whitney and our close friends Jen and Josh) were by far the most joyous two nights of the trip.  Our time in Northern MN with our whole Porter family was really great too.  The rest of what we spent our time on was somewhat difficult and some unexpected stuff came up with our kids - but God showed up in several ways and we already feel more encouraged than we did a few weeks ago.

The kids made us laugh a billion times at the wonky things they don't necessarily know about America.  I took a lot of notes and Dokte Jen requested a Third-Culture-Kid post, so I will attempt to do that soon.

We are getting ready for big changes in Haiti and trying to transition back to our real lives (as opposed to our Minnesota life which was really just a lot of people spoiling us with nice meals and our parents loving on and spoiling our kids).   Hope and Noah remain in the USA another two weeks with their big sisters in Texas.

We landed Monday night and both went back to work Tuesday. We had our first crazy Haiti-will-not-be-predictable day on Wednesday.   As we hopped in the ambulance and had ridiculous experiences getting a young Momma out to the hospital for her pre-term delivery we decided that we may as well jump right back into the chaos, there is no point in gradual re-entry it turns out.

My last post promised Isaac would answer questions.  He did.  He wrote a lot of answers.  I will work on getting them published, but I think we can all agree I failed to deliver what I promised - and I repent.  (A good portion of his energy in the first week went to LOVING having a red mini-van to travel from Florida to Minnesota in class.  Nothing impresses Isaac like a mini-van.)

More soon from the land of unlimited impossibilities ...