Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Forgiveness is the Garment of our Courage

In early December we went to TX to watch our oldest adult-person-child, Brittany, graduate from PA School at UT Southwestern in Dallas.  

While we were there we pretended for a weekend that we were 20 again and we ran from thing to thing and stayed out late and partied like short-sighted frat bros. I was so dang tired at the end. Anyway, one of the things we did to pretend to be young and energetic is to go to a concert that began at 9:30pm.  WHO DOES THAT?  Young people. That's who.  

We saw this band (The Brilliance) open for Josh Garrels and we watched and listened and our minds were numbed - not by our old age and the late hour of the evening  - but by their talent.  

Since then, their music is being played frequently by many of us at Heartline and in our home.  

Here is the thing tonight ... If you're a person that lives in the world, it is kind of a painful time.  Maybe you are feeling the need to figure out how to love or forgive or just exist peacefully in this weird time of life. I love this song and when I feel upset with things happening in life, I remember the words, "Forgiveness is the Garment of MY Courage".  Forgiveness is the hardest flippin thing ever. Doing it take courage. Being courageous is badass.  Who doesn't want to be badass?

~        ~          ~

Speaking of old, I wrote about the good old days at A Life Overseas yesterday, if you're 40-something and you are sitting around longing for the days of Rubik's Cubes and/or Lite Brights left on the carpet as the worst trouble kids can get into, you may want to check out the post.  

It leads me to this question. Did every generation of parents lament and moan about it being "the hardest time in history ever to raise kids".  At least we finally found out that the previous generations were all wrong. It's the very worst (the bratWurst) right now.  

~        ~          ~

The happenings around here are this:  Last week we had the grandparent/parental unit visit. This week Dr. Jen is here. The MC is having a quiet birth week but we know birth happens in threes so perhaps we will welcome some babies later this week. We sent Noah off to Texas to help Paige.  The house feels the (temporary) loss of Noah. It turns out everyone likes him the best. He is the favorite sibling of almost every kid. Teacher Page returned from a month in Texas and got the kids back to full-time-school.  The kids always seem happiest when they have school and Page being back is excellent for all. 

In four weeks Noah will help Paige get Abner and Graham to Haiti for an entire month stay with us. Excited does not begin to describe our anticipation for that fast approaching  epic day. Abner got his passport super fast and is ready to become an international traveler.  

a reduction in hair happened between these photos