Thursday, May 09, 2019

Smaller than a Fart ... Life with Paige

Paige left me with her kids at an
insane kids museum-
she went and bought and ate
a rice-crispie bar so she would not have to
share with me or her little minions.
But she sent me a photo.
Mothers of young children need
rice-crispie bars alone sometimes.

The last time Paige visited us in Haiti we were all playing the game 'Catch Phrase' together.  

It was very heated competition and everyone in this family is a jerk except for Isaac so there was a lot of smack-talking and cocky behavior.  

We were several rounds in when it was Paige's turn.  She was on my team - I was highly tuned in and ready to dominate.

Paige began a new word. She said, "Not a fart, smaller than a fart".

Within a few guesses those of us on her team yelled, "Toot"

"YES YES", she excitedly said.

Then she said, "Okay, now this is harder, it's a thing you go down into in a storm."

We shouted out guesses and she kept lamenting how hard this word was and that she did not know what it meant.  The buzzer sped up and eventually went off in her hand.

She was hoping we would guess the word hatch. (Storm hatch -- which is an old-timey thing that these kids that have lived in Haiti for 13 years have no idea about - do we do storm hatches in the modern day times?Talk to me.) 

She was ticked at her bad fortune.  There was dramatic lament about why she always gets the WEIRD words. 

She said, "What the heck is a toot-hatche?"  

I was instantly rolling with a side ache laughing, "TOOTHACHE?  As in your tooth hurts?  Is that what it said?"  

We grabbed the game out of her hand to look for ourselves.

We all love when somebody is a dingbat because then we can mock them for the rest of their lives.  

Forevermore when one of has a sore tooth we will say, "Not a fart but a ???"  Toot-hatche.