Sunday, December 15, 2019

12 Days of Christmas - Year Seven

In 2013, Paige moved to Waco Texas and I finished Midwifery studies.  Because we wanted to help Paige transition AND I had to do a bunch of stuff for my studies that I could not accomplish in Haiti, we lived in the USA from mid August until December to get my required clinical experience in USA.

We went for a week to our friend Melissa's (well, her Dad's) cabin in the Great Smoky Mountains for one week.  We had just bought the puppy (now an asshole - old dog).  So, Chestnut was like fourish weeks old. He wasn't supposed to be away from his Mom but she had a Meth problem and couldn't feed him so we bottle fed him and got him at four weeks of age.

ALL THAT TO SAY --- this was the year we were in TN to film.  We used Melissa's place to film the entire thing.  I had the idea that Jesus and Santa would battle.  OBVIOUSLY, Isaac was the only one that could play Jesus.  He's the nicest person in our family.

Hope you enjoy it!