Monday, February 03, 2020

State of the Union Address

When we made the decision to have the kids and I leave Haiti earlier than our June 2020 plan, I was a little bit pissy.  I didn't want to go - like at all.

I did the single Mom thing for six years back in the 90's and didn't much enjoy it.

The seven months we need to live in different countries (in order to do a good job and see the transition plans out)  is at the half way point TODAY.

Last week during a poorly attended yet still so amazing 2am pity party, that I threw for me, myself, and I --  I figured out the exact halfway point between the date I left Haiti and the date Troy will move to Temple, TX. -- that date is TODAY.  

This is the half way report.

Marriage is easier and better when you live in the same house.  If living apart is better, maybe that means your marriage is something different than what we are going for at this point.

We have struggled a bit and fought and had some tension over things.  This has not been an easy or fun time for either of us. I would say the challenges of living apart have been all totally normal and I guess it just means we are regular, just like all married people.

Sometimes I make up stories about why Troy didn't try to call me.  Sometimes I go so far as to believe my stories have merit.  Sometimes I'm less kind to Troy because of a false story I told me.

Once in a while Troy forgets that I feel (and then after feeling, actually AM) overwhelmed with the load I'm carrying and he asks me to do something dumb.  One day he wanted me to call the credit card company about some bogus $5 charge.  I assured him my time was far more valuable than the five bucks and to just let it go - c'est la vie - You lose some you lose some.

So.  He called the credit card company.  Now we understand who makes calls like that and the division of labor is back in order.

Here is to hoping the next three point five months will fly by and we will live in the same house and deal with this mob of children and making stupid phone calls and facing dumb government offices (I'm looking at YOU DMV of TX) as a unified front.

* * * * * *

Isaac -  Got a job at Subway as a sandwich artist. Is working way too late at night for my liking.  Is practicing driving and getting sort of safe at it. He is finishing his high school requirements with Stef (teacher of the last three years and the amazing person that came to TX to help them finish out their Senior year) and will graduate in late May.

Hope - Got the holiday job at Target then was offered a permanent position at Target. Is also working on finishing out 12th grade and the classes she still needs.  May 24 we shall place them in caps and gowns and make them give us a speech. She is driving and getting some behind the wheel time. We have not gotten on the freeway yet, but soon.

Noah - Is finishing his 10th Grade curriculum with James Madison University and their on-line High School curriculum.  As of this moment, he plans to go to Temple High School next fall for 11th grade.  He will be 16 years old in March and I would like him to drive by April or May if the good Lord allows me the patience and wherewithal to take time to get enough hours with three drivers at once.  He spends his life finding ways to score Chipotle burritos, it's encouraging to see he has some drive/passion - at least -if not only- in the area of procuring burritos.

Phoebe - Is very much just eye-rolling the average middle-school kid.  She thinks they are a bit disrespectful and ridiculous but she seems energized by public school and is totally rolling with it. The other day her Social Studies teacher called me to tell me how delightful she is.

Lydia -  After day one she was sure she had met some amazing people.  On day two she called me from the counselors office telling me (with tears) that she was for sure a terrible judge of character and all the friends she chose on day one were really mean kids.  We talked her into allowing herslef some time to figure out who might be her friends and now that she is two weeks into this Middle School thing she seems to think maybe she found her people.  She is in a play at the Temple Civic Theatre right now and her love of the stage is apparent.

Four of the five are talking to a counselor about all the ways we jacked them up by taking them to Haiti AND all the ways we saved them by taking them to Haiti.

Three cheers for keeping therapists in business.
We are doing our part.

This ends the 2020 State of the Union address.