Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Final Chapter Traveling Circus Clown Posse Returns Home

(Part 8 of 8 - the final installment)

back in Port au Prince - and happy

hats make us BA or dorky.  you decide.

Getting ready to come "home" is always an exercise in faith.  We don't necessarily know before it happens exactly how every child feels about "home".  Truthfully, we don't know how we will feel. Each trip, each change in our family, each union, each reunion brings its own unique set of emotions and feelings for us all.

 The transition back is difficult each time and isn't something we can force. It takes exactly as long as it takes. 

Troy and I wondered as our three week vacation wound down if we would be dragging anyone home unhappy or even angry and depressed.  

On Thursday night before the morning we were to leave I served the kids apple pie and ice cream. They were excited to eat such delicious treats and knew we were doing something fun to celebrate our last night in America.  I asked, "Who wants our flights to be cancelled so we can stay in Florida longer?"  Not one child raised their hands or moved in agreement with that idea.  Noah spoke first, "I really miss home" he said.  The other kids all chimed in, each shared their reasons for being ready to go home.

The three hour trip south from Saraseedy to Fort Lauderdale was fairly easy. I may or may not have tried to force the last of the cottage cheese, milk, and vegetables onto people as their breakfast.  Sadly, the troops would not drink the half gallon of milk we had left and a cow gave up that milk for nothing. We pitched it. 

Paige left her computer cord behind so we added a stop to a post office into our exit plan.  That made it just tight enough that we had a chance to snap at our kids and be stressed out near the end of the drive. Our strategy was to unload Troy and the 9 fifty pound bags and three kids to check in at the JetBlue counter and then for me and two kids to go return the rental vehicle and catch up with Troy and the other three after they did the hardest part.  This allowed us to get rid of the luggage on top of the car without the car rental people ever seeing we had strapped luggage to the top of their truck. It also allowed me to not be the one juggling the extra pounds around. I knew all the bags were about two pounds over and that a game would need to be played wherein you pretend to move it to a lighter bag, knowing full well there is no lighter bag.

Four of us got new hats on the trip.  Hats don't pack well without getting smooshed. We looked SO DUMB - four of us with our fashion chapeaus on board our heads.  But what can you do?  Sometimes you don't think ahead and you are required to look dorky.  Also, dorky is true in some cases.  There was a part in one of the National Lampoon Vacation movies where Clark Griswold said, "We're not dorks! We're the Griswolds." That is what I told myself as we traipsed through the airport. "We're not dorks! We're the Livesays."

Since we got home the kids are back at school, which they love. Well, they mainly love it. A few hate mornings and being woken up against their will. I for one, agree. That is not cool.

For the next three months they have an extra teacher here. We are touched by the love of Caroline Rogers who volunteered to join us for a few months. The timing is great because with a new baby Becky is very busy and less available for teaching.

Caroline graduated from Baylor University and will head to her home state of TN in May to prepare for the job she has waiting there for her. She is living in Paige's old bedroom and is exposed to the inner workings of this family but she seems to be good with it all. (it's early though) Caroline is helping Jimmy with the youngest kids and is in charge of math for all five of them. 

The Maternity Center has had three births since we got home. Two ladies that delivered with us and one that ended in a transport after several hours and a cervix that was getting smaller rather than larger.  I have been involved in so few births in recent months that when the phone rang one night and I stayed asleep, Troy shook me and said, "There is a lady in labor", I actually thought, "Yeah, so, what does that have to do with me?!?!"  

The most recent birth was one of those adrenaline producing intense ones that you just don't see coming. (A stuck shoulder and a need to resuscitate the baby.) I left that birth yesterday feeling crazy blessed to be in a place where I can see God at work in such a tangible way. The prayers of all in the room as things got tense were desperate and real. Jesus, save this baby, we prayed. 

As fun as it was to be lards on a ship and to dance and laugh and celebrate so much with friends and family, it is even more fun to be home doing what we love.

Thanks for reading, caring, praying, and supporting.  If you have an interest in supporting Heartline Ministries in 2015 or any of the Heartline staff that are donor supported, please contact us with questions.  Livesayfamily@gmail.com