Sunday, May 17, 2015


Lent has come and gone and therefore so has #lentwithclowns.  No longer are deep spirtual nuggets of wisdom being dropped on us by our clowns children.

That said, on occasion there is still a need to document clown behavior outside of the Lenten Season. Therefore, today we bring you edition one, installment one of #regularlifewithclowns

  • One evening last week I told the kids I would be going to the Maternity Center to paint for a while. Being the domestic goddess that I am I whipped up some cupcakes and put them in the oven before I left.  I usually make homemade frosting but was in a rush to get to the maternity center so I left a store-bought frosting container on the counter for them to use. I asked Troy to take the cupcakes out. When I got home I noticed that the frosting had not been touched but the cupcakes were all gone.  I learned from the children that the frosting was really weird, but also quite delicious.  I said, "but you never opened the frosting."  Domestic goddess turned detective, I figured out that they had used left-over cake batter that didn't fit into the cupcake pan. Cupcakes frosted with cake batter.  You won't find that idea on Pinterest.
  • After Caroline (was here four months to teach) left, we welcomed Bryan last Sunday. Bryan Tucker is a film/documentary maker. (Closure Documentary) He is considering doing a Haiti-related story. (And just for fun he made our kids a swimming video up above.) While he visited us last week he interviewed the kids about life in Haiti.  When Lydia was finished I asked how it went and she said, "Good, I didn't even fart once during my interview."
  • When Phoebe was asked to describe Troy and I, she said, "Daddy is really nice and kind and Mommy doesn't like to get out of bed in the morning."
  • Thankfully in my Mother's Day card Phoebe had said, "Mom, you are all the fruits of the spirit. (then listed them out) You are a piece of cake."  At least I got the card the same week she only had one thing to say about me to Bryan.
  • The kids finished up their school year Friday. They now have a month off before summer-school starts in mid June.  Isaac and Noah get to go to the USA for six weeks. The three girls will be staying in Haiti all summer. This is an odd thing to navigate - they are all getting older and summer in Haiti is long and without a lot of extracurricular activities.  Flying everybody to Grandma and Grandpa is too expensive. Being fair is almost impossible. We try, but it doesn't really work out "fair" very often. Like Homer Simpson says, "You tried and failed miserably, the lesson is, never try." 
  • Troy and I decided we need to have a birds and bees talk (age-appropriate with our different groups/ages) before the summer began.  Troy went camping with the boys and I kept the girls.  At the end of my explanation to Lydia and Phoebe, Lydia said, "Well great, now I have to think about these things."  The next thing she said, "I know one thing, penises are the weirdest thing since sliced bread."  At that point Phoebe said, "Can we stop talking about this now?" 
  • We have five voracious readers in our house. The plan for summer blues and boredom is to read books in front of fans.  If you have great book recommendations for the age groups 7-8 (they have and love Ramona Quimby) and 11-13 (they have and love Little House Series, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Chronicles of Narnia, Wings of Fire, Percy Jackson, Francine Rivers) we'd love to hear them.  We will also happily buy used books from anyone selling or purging books. 
On a ride with Mom to bring a new Mom and Baby home

With Bryan Tucker the morning he left Haiti