Saturday, June 20, 2015

Common Denominator

Graham is the center of pretty much all the things.

Michael had his graduation and was sworn in as a TX State Trooper yesterday. We celebrated his huge new cowboy hat and his accomplishments with a picnic in 98% humidity.  Nothing says congratulations like sweating your balls off with a group of your closest family and friends.

Sunday Graham's Mommy and Daddy finally get their Honeymoon. I know that Paige will cry, leaving G for the first time.  No judgment. I remember the first time I left each one of my seven, it never got prettier or easier. 

I am hoping they can truly relax and rest for several days ... maybe even try to take a deep cleansing breath or two after 8 very insane months.  (Baby born, heart surgery, intense interview process, sleep deprivation, job-offer, travel, wedding, intense training process with separation for five months, relocation plans, etc. etc.)

The three boys and I plan to find the perfect balance of fun-summer-things and packing-up boxes for P and M (they move near Houston, TX right when they get home from honeymoon). 

I am super excited for the six days I get with these three fabulous guys. 

 ~             ~              ~

In Haiti the Maternity Center and a beautiful Momma named Micheline suffered its first loss of a full term baby during labor.  We've for sure lost some babies that came early or died in utero somewhere between weeks 18 and 35, - but this was a first in that the Momma was laboring normally without any signs of stress or infection.  At around 5cm the baby's heartbeat was unusually slow so they immediately transported for a C/S.  When they arrived at the hospital the baby had passed away.  

I know from chatting with my co-middies that the prayers offered have been helpful and that continued prayers for the births that are coming up are very appreciated.  See this tab for information on upcoming due ladies.