Friday, January 10, 2014

a call to prayer

We are asking you to pray for the ladies in Heartline's Prenatal Program.

Prayer is no small thing. For each of these women we know that intersession is powerful and that God must work on their behalf. Some of the soon-to-be moms have suffered from abuse and/or rape. They have trauma to process in addition to the challenges of the pregnancy. The odds are against pregnant women in Haiti. The vast majority of the pregnancies are considered "high risk".  As you likely know, the maternal death rate is very high in Haiti as is the infant mortality rate. Every healthy birth at our maternity center is a miracle given the obstacles the women must overcome. 

Thank you for lifting up the women and their babies to the only One who knows their every need. Thank you for praying for all of the Heartline staff (pictured at end of this post) as we discern how to best come along side and encourage the women in our programs. We ask you to pray for unusual wisdom in every woman's care and delivery.

These will be updated as often as time allows when new women join the program. 


(Carrying Twins!)

(More photos being added all the time)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We are very blessed to have a committed full-time staff and occasionally (as needed) shorter-term volunteers that come in to help throughout the year. If you would like to pray for the staff by name - these are the faces/names of our long-term staff.

Left to Right-

Tara Livesay, CPM, M.C Asst.Director
Nirva Jonas, RN
Beth McHoul, CPM, M.C. Director
Winifred Louisville, RN
Beth Johnson, CPM - Followher blog here
Mica Bruny, CNA/Skilled Birth Attendant
NEW on staff - Islande Valcourt, RN (left)