Friday, January 31, 2014

Push, it's supposed to hurt

~I sat with a woman that had lost multiple children. Over and over again her pregnancies have ended in the delivery of a baby without a heartbeat. She is pregnant again, hopeful again, trusting and having faith in God and hope for the unknown future again. It hurts. She pushes.

~I talked with a friend.  She is choosing to be vulnerable, hoping something again that she has hoped in the past, trusting and choosing to have faith in God and hope for the unknown future again. It hurts. She pushes.

~I heard from a friend that she has experienced loss this week.  Her heart is grieving. She is trying to find solace. She is daily trying to trust in God and place her unknown future in His care. It hurts. She pushes.

~My husband met with a person he had never met this week.  He was nervous and uncertain about the meeting. He sat across from the first father of one of our precious children and he chose to be vulnerable rather than feel threatened. He set up a time for us to all meet again. Troy is trusting that God is in the risky things and has faith that He can walk us through it.  It hurts. He pushes. I am given a beautiful opportunity to look around at people I know that are inspiring me with their faith - with their willingness to push. They have experienced much loss, they have known deep pain.  They are people that are working through the pain and pushing through the hurt to love and hope again. That is what faith looks like.

*Photo by Esther Havens