Tuesday, January 14, 2014

kid quotes

Lydia was asked by my friend Amanda, "What day do you go back to school?" Lydia said, "These are the days of our lives, that's what the TV says."  

Wha????  (They are back in school now. They are giddy and love their teacher(s) and going to school.) 

Troy was praising the kids for being so well behaved in the truck on the way home from one of our outings.  He said, "You kids have some skills!"  Lydie said, "Well, that's cuz you skilled us, Daddy!"

Phoebe said to Troy, "I wish I was white."  Troy said, "Why Phoebe, why do you wish that?"  Phoebe said, "I don't want to get hair in my armpits."   We have since proven to her that white women have hair growing from their armpits too.  Crisis averted.

After Christmas we were shopping with Noah for some clothing. He had a gift card at TJ Maxx.  I sent him ahead of me to go get a fitting room.  When I arrived to the fitting room he was all stressed out.  I said, "What's the problem?"  He had been given the number 5 - but couldn't find dressing room 5.  Third-Culture-Kid moment.  I explained to him that he had 5 items to try on. His Ah-Ha moment was marvelous.

In the last days in Tejas we had a few Target runs to make.  While I took hours to decide what kitchen hand towels I liked, Lydia scanned prices.  We won't miss the shopping all that much, but we will miss the enthralling and long-lasting scanning game. 

~          ~            ~

I love words. It is evident when you visit my house. There are words on the walls and in most rooms. It is probably surely over the top.  That said, my friend taught me how to put words I like onto photos.  Prepare to be inundated. It is pretty much my new hobby.