Thursday, January 09, 2014

Looking Back, Year End Stats - 2013 at Heartline Maternity Center, Haiti

According to the World Health Organization: "About 287 000 women died in 2010 of complications during pregnancy or childbirth. Most of these deaths can be avoided as the necessary medical interventions exist and are well known. The key obstacle is pregnant women's lack of access to quality care before, during and after childbirth."

Our first goal is to provide quality care before, during, and after childbirth. Our second goal is to do it with love.

We do not place an abundance of importance on statistics. If *statistics are the forest, we are always aware of each individual tree. As a team, we are too involved in life and relationships to focus on the numbers.  

Working with the women we quickly learn that one healthy pregnancy carried to term, one victorious labor and delivery, one healthy single baby born to one mother that overcame immeasurable obstacles is what truly matters

The young woman courageously delivering her healthy baby far outweighs the preponderance of any statistic. That would be true in any setting in the world. However, here in Haiti we are working with multiple rape and abuse survivors and are frequently involved in situations that require more emotional and physical support than the average pregnancy.

At the Maternity Center each woman is known by name. Statistics never know a name. Without a doubt a community has developed.  It is safe to say that staff, midwives, and pregnant women alike all look forward to program days.

Having said that - we recognize that those that give to keep this program operating and pray continually for these women and for the staff might like to see how the numbers looked in 2013.

Overall Year End Stats:
  • 84 women ended their time in the Prenatal Program in 2013 - OF THOSE -
  • 68 finished their time in Prenatal Program because they remained in the program until delivery - 68 women gave birth to living, healthy babies and then joined the Early Childhood Development Program after babies were born
  • Technically there were 70 babies born to 68 women - due to two sets of twins - both sets were girls
  • 5 women miscarried in the first trimester
  • 7 withdrew from the program early (were either risked out due to conditions that precluded us from serving them or moved away from Port au Prince)
  • 4 women gave birth to babies prematurely, 3 of those babies died 
  • The 4th preemie lived - he was born at 31-32 weeks, and is now thriving
  • We had a rougher year for transports, we had to transport 17 times total (still low considering the high-risk population we serve)
  • Of the 17 transports 14 women ended up with C/S deliveries
  • 1 baby born in the ambulance in 2013
  • 68 moms lived - 0% maternal death - This is the statistic we are most thrilled to share
Breaking it down:
  • 30 boys
  • 40 girls
  • 50% of the women were having their first baby
  • The oldest mother that delivered this year was 46
  • The youngest mother that delivered this year was 13
Fun & random stats:
  • In 2013 we hired another talented Haitian nurse to join our staff
  • The longest labor at the M.C. went into a fourth day
  • 3 babies were born on the front porch or near the gate
  • Heartline delivered two expat babies in 2013
  • 1,700+ Depo Provera birth control shots given - this program is growing rapidly - we're currently averaging 45 injections every Friday 
  • A brand new PRE-PREGNANCY TEEN club was started this fall - in an attempt to educate and reduce teen pregnancy in Haiti
  • 52 Friday Bible Study/Devotions Presented
  • 52  Friday Birth-Control Education Classes Presented
  • 52 Thursday Prenatal Classes
  • 52 Tuesday Early Childhood Development Classes
  • The women eat a meal each day they come for class - Upwards of 4,000 nutritious meals were served in 2013
More Still:
  • After every consultation the midwife that has seen the woman takes a moment to pray with her before she leaves for the day
  • Every mother that delivers can stay in the postpartum area of the Maternity Center for a days or more if needed. One woman stayed six weeks this year. The women are then seen for a postpartum visit at 1 week, 3 weeks, and 6 weeks postpartum - approximately 235 post partum visits were completed in 2013
  • 90% of the women that delivered also chose to attend six months of early childhood education classes
  • The ambulance was driven more in 2013 than in 2011 and 2012 combined. It is in excellent condition and continues to be an important part of what we do  - when we transport for a C/S, we still pick the women back up at the Hospital and offer them a few days of rest and recovery time in our postpartum wing.  Hospitals in Haiti generally discharge at 24 hours post surgery
  • After childhood development class, if babies are sick they can be seen for the first six months of their lives. An estimated 400 individual visits to see/treat for minor and major illness took place - Once women graduate from early childhood development class they are asked and advised to use a local Pediatrician
  • Most women are driven home after post partum care - we did not keep stats on this but we estimate that 60 women received transportation to their home after their babies were born 
  • MANY thanks to every visiting midwife and nurse midwife, PA and Physician - but especially those that stayed for a few weeks or months to cover while the full-time staff traveled
  • We are grateful ... To each and every person that supports the Heartline Maternity Center with your financial gifts and your prayers - God shows up and does God-sized things every week, it is an honor to be a small part of His work - thank you for joining us in it

A picture is worth 1000 statistics. Here are just a few photos from 2013:

We are currently waiting on the first baby of 2014.  We pray that 2014 will be a year of LIFE and JOY and GROWTH and continued PROTECTION.


The Heartline Maternity Center Staff


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