Monday, October 31, 2016


Troy pretended to enjoy in-line skating and bought himself a pair of used RollerBlades in order to take me on a date skating on October 13, 1996. (Free dates were the way for underemployed 21 year old Troy and single-mom 24 year old Tara.)  He will readily admit, this many years later, that he skated around Lake Rebecca behind me so he could check out my butt. The 20 year anniversary of our first date passed without our acknowledgement earlier this month.  

The next weekend I invited him and he agreed. We went on an eight hour road trip to Omaha, NE with my girls (then almost 2 and 6 years old) to visit my aging grandparents.  

In Omaha we fell hard for one another.  My Grandpa Porter (may he rest in ornery peace) thought we were idiots and basically told us so. 

We made out in the KinderCare parking lot and listened to David Wilcox on our long drive back to the Twin Cities.   

The next weekend we crafted this amazing McDonalds French Fry costume with our BARE HANDS - in the day and age of no Pinterest.  We made that costume without help, folks.   

Twenty Year Anniversary Celebration of that costume is today.  (If you wish to duplicate, you can buy foam, cut it in strips, paint it french-fry yellow, find a box, paint it red and throw an M on it, find a cute little kid and shove them in the box.) 

~          ~          ~

I write about dog uterus removal and parasites that cause diarrhea and ruined underwear for my entire family with much more gusto and bravado than I do anything serious.  

All mockery is fun, even self mockery.   

On occasion, I find myself writing about more serious things. It happened yesterday.
Today I have a vulnerability hang-over from my quarterly post at the website, A Life Overseas. You can read it here.  Since I have the dang hangover already, I am pointing you to that post.  The hair of the vulnerability dog in virtual form, or something like that.