Saturday, January 12, 2019

9 years ago - Nou pap janm bliye

Phoebe, Hope, Isaac Livesay - photo taken 3 Days before the Palace fell - 2010

Link to First Post after EQ

Link to Google Doc of the memories we took time to write out.

Collette as she waited on a helicopter to the ship
She had a broken pelvis and was 9 months pregnant
Collette gave birth to Esther on the US Comfort Ship
Esther was the first baby born for their Haiti EQ deployment

We saw news people everywhere we went 

Jean lost his foot in the EQ - he had surgery days later to finish the amputation and prevent infection.
After surgery he worked with Physical Therapists to learn to walk again.

Dokte Jen worked with dozens of kids that lost limbs and fingers.

Troy described the airport as the Wild West in those early days after the EQ

A photo we took a few days after the EQ, life must go on.

Life Does Go On.