Monday, February 11, 2019

Life Marches On

In the middle of a political and economic crisis, while the stones are being thrown, the tires burned, and the protests organized, life goes on. While emotions and deep hurts are on raw display, women continue to put their heads down and care for their children. When the U.S. Embassy warns its employees to "shelter in place" and while stores close down and schools are cancelled, women continue to have babies.

I can no more explain what is happening Haiti than I can explain what is happening in Washington D.C.  It's all a shit show. I only know this: It makes life so much more difficult for the materially poor, especially women.

We ask that you keep our staff and Midwives and the 125+ women they care for in your thoughts and prayers. Each day we ask that they come to work if at all possible. The excellent and committed caregivers that they are; they always seem to find a way to arrive to work. 

In the coming two weeks Christella, Martine, Judith, Clercina, Cedilia, and MarieFrancelene are all due to deliver their little ones.  Last week six new little people joined the chaos on the outside.  

Life marches on, birth and care giving continue. 

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Thursday Kenneth was born a few weeks premature and is with his mom in postpartum recovery right now.

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  • Port au Prince, Haiti
July 16-19, 2019  (This class will be in English only)
  • Port au Prince, Haiti
November 5-8, 2019 (This class will be in English with Creole translators)
  • Online and in Port au Prince, Haiti
February 2020 (Additional details to come)


In the class and manual, we go over everything from meeting a newly pregnant woman at the door for the very first time, to offering her an effective and culturally appropriate method of family planning after her child is born. Our manual includes very specific outlines of all facets of care, setting up the structures necessary, help with budgeting, staffing, forms, charting, supply lists, sourcing ideas, and protocols. 
After years of trial and error, the class and manual share what we know works. This class and our manual can potentially save your organization thousands of dollars as well as energy spent re-creating the wheel.


This class does not teach Midwifery. This is not a medical training class, although the manual includes dozens of medical protocols. The assumption is that a medically trained and legally licensed medical professional will be present at your clinic/birth center/prenatal program. We expect that clinic administrators will want to take this class, and that your medical staff is trained and prepared for prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum care of the mother and baby. If you are seeking training to become a Nurse Midwife or Midwife, please know this class is not your first stop.


Administrators, Directors, Midwives, Nurses, and Medical Professionals desiring to work in any under-resourced area in the world.  Please note that our Maternity Center model is donor-funded and is essentially a free program for clients that live below the poverty line.
Please visit this link for information about applying.