Tuesday, January 29, 2013

bourik chaje pa kanpe

We are buried in unanswered email, unfinished to-do lists, and busy kids.  The last week is a blur of crazed activity. Looking for time to write but not finding it. Until we find it, here are a few photos and facts from recent days ...

Went for pizza to meet Troy's mom (she was at a nearby guesthouse with a dental group) and also celebrated the six year anniversary of Phoebe joining our family in January of 2007.

 Elaudie laboring with her big sister looking on and encouraging/teasing the way only sisters can.

 Elaudie and her 8.5 pound healthy daughter Leyla with Wini.

Kreyol class de (two) with Pwofese Fabienne ~ Lydia dropped out already

 Rania and her son doing well

 Phoebe on Friday, TGIF thumbs up before heading to school

 Not under warranty. Troy's 2007 MacBook has gone to MacBook heaven.

This is one of the greatest things I have ever been given. We are making smoothies and considering leaving solid food behind forever. There is nothing this thing cannot liquify. Isaac said, "It is like you have a thing now Mom - your thing is making us smoothies."  Found my purpose. Finally. 
The key to a successful day in Haiti?:  Stack of Bibles, Oswald Chambers 'My Utmost for His Highest' -  and an agressive plan for explosive and sudden diarrhea.  (As seen on the shelf in the office of one, John McHoul.)
  • Troy worked with his Mom and those she works with in Minnesota at a dental clinic last week. He had a blast.
  • Many thanks to M.K. for helping Beth and Troy with all of their tech-support issues. We don't need an Apple store in Port au Prince, thanks to you.
  • Stephanie labored for more than 30 hours and has since delivered safely.  Unfortunately and to our great disappointment we needed to transport her after all those hours.
  • Elaudie went home with her daughter after recovering in post-partum area at Heartline.
  • Paige made some big decsions about college and her next steps.  Exciting and terrifiying all at once (for Troy and I).  Haiti will not be the same without her. The next four months will be precious for all of us. (and hopefully verrrrry loooong)
  • The Run for Life team made it back to Port au Prince and have begun their physical and emotional recovery process. Many that came to volunteer their time have gone back home. What a giant gift to have been able to witness such an enormous undertaking.  12 marathons, 315 miles, complete. Now to contiune to raise funds for the building. 
About the title:  Bourik chaje pa kanpe is a Haitian Proverb that means - a loaded donkey cannot stand (still) ... You say this when you're busy and trying to keep on working and going - when someone would like to stop you to chit-chat for a while.