Thursday, July 25, 2013

cross-cultural spectacle(s)

We (read: American Airlines) changed one travel day with no over-night and only two easy flights into two travel days, three hotel rooms, and three flights.  Fishes and loaves travel. Or something. 

We marveled at orange juice, air-conditioning, hot water, moving sidewalks, automatic doors and sinks. We said things like "WOW, technology is AMAZING" while riding the space-age, cutting edge, just-released-technology. You've maybe not yet heard of it -  Escalators.  

We went to the bathroom on every airplane and in every airport a kagillion times. We ate dinner at 11:30 at night. We (read: Lydia) stopped to pout in front of fast moving crowds and fussed about who got to wheel the carry on. We made an older Haitian man laugh like the happiest hyena ever. He loved seeing the excitement and stayed near us on purpose for a while. More frequently than that, we repelled people as they quickly found ways around the weird, slow moving, slack-jawed, multi-colored family dressed in sweatshirts with hoods up in July. 

We zigged-and we zagged across four airports in 24 hours.... And we did it. 

Nou la. Lot bo dlo. 

The quotes coming from the mouths of these children have our rib-cages and our cheekbones hurting from laughter and over-use.  

For now, they have hugged and briefly seen Grandma and Grandpa Porter and the 8 day epic MN adventure has begun. There are many 'firsts' planned, and we can hardly wait! Tonight they are exhausted from all the escalators and tucked into their beds at Grandma and Grandpa Livesay's house. 

We're beyond grateful for this chance to laugh and make memories with these unique characters. 

"If God made us with eyes that swirl around, like in a cartoon, that is what would happen when I taste that amazing orange juice." 
-Isaac Livesay


keight dukes said...

i'm dying. this is amazing. it's like the circus is in town and i'm dying to have a ticket. please dont let them get too american before i meet them. i plan to weird them out fiercely.

Angela said...

Unbridled bliss on those expressions! What an adventure! :)

excitedtobeafamily said...

Your kids are so funny!

terri said...

What a gift for your kids to be able to experience wonder at things that would bore most American kids stiff. I love it.

Kathy C. said...

Savor the moments.

Richard James said...

Very good. Really. Best wishes to you.. A friend of mine.

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Marla Taviano said...