Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Maternal Health in Haiti

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It is because people like you love and care for Haiti, and specifically Haitian women, that we have been able to develop and grow the Prenatal Program over the last six years.  We do not get a chance to write personal thank you notes very often, but we feel more personal gratitude for your love and support than we can easily share.  Love and encouragement and support helps to empower a woman to breastfeed, bond with, love, and raise her child.  Our programs are highly relational and focus on education. Our hope and desire is to support Haitian families remaining together. To each and every person that gives, prays, supports, loves, spreads the word and does this with us - THANK YOU.

The partnership of people that vote with their dollars on the importance of love, on the importance of respect, and on the importance of quality Prenatal care and Maternal Health is crucial to everything we do at Heartline.