Monday, July 01, 2013

Links & Love

Monthly contribution at A Life Overseas went up today ... An edited and up-cycled post, shared again in hopes of setting the awkward free. 

Saturday, WHILE getting a haircut from me, Noah said, 
"I can't wait till we go to one of those stores of haircuts in America. 

You know those stores? 

It is like a place where you sit there and they wash and cut your hair for you all nice."  

Kids are great, aren't they?

Mamoune & 8lb 3oz son
Maternity Center Updates:
Mamoune and Guermose both had big baby boys at Heartline Maternity Center in the last several days. Edithe and Katiana both had to be transported due to stressed out babies in very unique positions in the last 36 hours. While we are SO grateful for the option of a C-Section, needing to transport is a bummer. We feel disappointed when we have to pass off a woman after she has invested so much and worked so hard. Both Edithe and Katiana will likely be released 36 to 48 hours post C-Section and will come to postpartum care at Heartline for a little TLC. When we have more news from them, we will share on the Heartline Maternity Center Facebook page. Thanks to each of you that support the ladies with your prayers.

A great nurse midwife named Shelly is here teaching, serving, and acting as a preceptor. She grew up in Africa and has amazing and exciting stories of pet monkeys and leopards eating her dogs. Our boys have found a friend. Our crazy June of 10 babies due didn't seem nearly as insane as we thought it might.  If you would like to pray for ladies due in July, click here.