Saturday, October 12, 2013

F squared

Family and Friends

As we packed our bags Thursday morning for a quick trip to Minnesota, Noah said, "Well, it sure is nice we came to the states for this time so you guys could leave us on the weekends and vacation without us kids."

Uh.  Excuse me?  Child. You.did.NOT.just.say.that.

I said, "Noah, we have left you three nights total in the last year. Don't play guilt trip games with us." He shrugged and went to play. Later he came to Troy and said, "Dad, I just have a feeling that if you guys go, something very bad is going to happen."  Troy didn't respond. Noah repeated the exact statement.  Troy said, "Buddy, I don't think so, but if you are serious let's pray about it." It turned out he wasn't too serious, he just really wanted us to stay in TX this weekend.

Lucky for him he has parents that call bs when they hear it.  Ta-ta little guy, we are willing to test your theory. See you Monday if we all survive the calamity that you've prophesied.

We needed to come to MN for a couple of business items to be taken care of, it is mainly because we failed to get all the grown-up things done in the first ten days we were in the USA and were in MN in late July. No shocking intel there. One of the things we are taking care of is something we were supposed to do before we ever left for Haiti in 2006. 

In a cool turn of events, I found a home-birth midwife that is willing to let me attend home-births with her during the days I am in MN. This is a huge gift because I still need four home-births to complete the requirements and sit for the test.  We landed at 8:15p Thursday and by 1am I was at a birth in Minneapolis.  It was a huge joy to be present as a little boy named William enter the world around 5am Friday.

The back story on how we hooked up has Godincidence written all over it.  It was Friday night, I was sitting in the family room in Waco fretting about how I need to get these homebirths in (the deadline has been extended for me).  I was worrying that I'd miss TX opportunities by being in MN for three+ days.  I decided to write to a MN midwife that a Facebook friend had made me aware of that day. I wrote to the midwife expecting no response because who allows a total stranger to come to a birth with them? The next day I got a message that said, "Tara, this is interesting as my daughter sent me your blog link last week. She and her husband and their two oldest of six are involved in Haiti. She's been trying to inspire me to come with her. Anyway, why don't you call me and we can talk more about your situation."

There is even a chance I will get to attend another birth in MN before I head back to Tejas. My phone is on and my mid-husband is ready to be my chauffeur day or night.

It's always kind of hard to come to Minnesota. I don't mean like "poor us -poor poor us" variety of hard. I just mean that we do not have the time to connect with most of our friends and family and still do the responsible grown-up stuff like doctor appointments and taking care of things that we said we'd do seven years ago before we left Minnesota. (responsible is a relative word) 

This is our apology if you are a friend or relative that is hurt that you didn't know we'd be in MN for a couple days this month. We don't currently have time to speak to each other very much, so please don't assume we purposefully didn't inform you of our trip.  We are simply underwhelming at America life and America planning.

Friday night, on three hours sleep, we hit the town with Matt and Tina to go to an NDY (Not Dead Yet) concert in St Paul. Troy got to sing one song with them, (video above) they are super fun to watch and such a talented group of guys. They play a couple times a year in the Twin Cities to raise money for Kot a Kot, a ministry in Haiti. 

We are staying at my Mom and Dad's Minnesota house (which is conveniently located under Matt and Tina's house) because it is vacant right now. I currently have a fire in the fireplace and life is good. 

Last night before we went to NDY, Troy raided my Dad's closet and found some cowboy boots. We sent my Dad a photo with them on Troy's feet to show him what happens when we are left unattended in his closet.  My Dad wrote back to Troy and said:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Given my bunion issues I can only wear the gray boots, Matt's feet are too big so if the 2 brown ones fit you they are yours. If you want them I can haul them down to TX in my travels. Let me know. I am pretty sure after you wear the lizard or ostrich out on the town with your "Lady" It will be business time! 

Number one, why am I a "Lady" with quotation marks instead of just a lady? Number two, business time would be wonderful given how far away our children are, but sadly my mother and father have a bed made of marshmallows. There is not a softer bed anywhere on earth. When you lie down you sink in so deep that nobody can get to you. Troy's boots couldn't even give him the extra height necessary to reach in and get to me. If you love my Mom and Dad, go ahead and send them Chiropractic gift cards. There is no way their backs are not severely jacked up.

Speaking of my Mom and Dad and their ruined backs, here they are on a one day stop in Waco last Tuesday:

Trip to Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, TX

You better believe that Butterfly has bunions.